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Born in a farmer family and experienced life in the civil war, Pean deeply understands what his community needs. These drove him to start Rainbow Projects for his village children.

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Besides providing the education to our local children, we created many projects wish to help their families and community.
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Welcome to Working For Children!

Working For Children (WFC - Rainbow Projects) is a non-profit charity organization established in 2007. As an independent aid organization, WFC primarily relies on donations from individuals and organizations to support its education and development programs for children. WFC is dedicated to: 1) Rebuilding human resources, particularly for children 2) Reducing poverty by assisting orphans and vulnerable children 3) Improving the school environment; 4) Developing rural communities in Cambodia. Through these efforts, WFC aims to create a brighter future for children and foster sustainable development in the communities we serve.

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Help Children To Get Education!

Many visitors to Rainbow Projects asked how the children came to the orphanage and the kind of life experiences that have brought them to this place for refuge. The children are drawn from three districts: Puck, Angkor Chum, and Angkor Thom -all in Siem Reap Province. Some are orphaned, abandoned, simply poor, and vulnerable who have no stable and caring family environment to support them, but who wish to live and study at the Rainbow and have an opportunity to complete their schooling. These children have a chance to develop into contributing members of society as their confidence and self-eaten are nurtured in a secure, caring, and stable environment with committed staff.
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Sponsor a Child!

While donations allow the Rainbow 's child to run and to provide a roof over the children, it is simply not enough to provide every child in the Rainbow Orphanage a ...

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Minea, 9 years
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Lin, 14 years
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Taen, 13 years
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Land fill for community schools

We are now in the project of land fill for Kauk Khnaing Primary School.

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Donation for New Academic Year 2019-2020

The student from the poorest family received the bicycle and school necessary to continue their dream. 

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Frogs Feeding at Rainbow Eco-Farm

This Frog is feed for food in Rainbow. It takes 3 months to harvest and it can turn into varies types of meals such as grill or deep-fried and soups with vegetables. 

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Visit Local Primary School

Kok Knang primary school has been cooperated with WFC to bring the international volunteer close to the local children. 

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Mr. Pean

WFC Founder

On behalf of the children under Rainbow Projects and the local villagers, I would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to both individuals and business associates for their generous contributions to our programs. Your support has been invaluable in helping us achieve our mission and make a positive impact on the lives of those we serve. Thank you for your continued commitment and generosity.

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