To ensure that less fortunate children in the rural community are cared for and given educational opportunities
which will enable them to break out of the cycle of poverty.

Community Homestay

A Service of Rainbow Orphanage

Community Eco Homestay
The  Homestay offers you traditional wooden house surround a natural pond in Rainbow property and closed with Eco Farm there are private and share rooms with fan and air-condition  running water, private bathroom inside at very reasonable price :

  • US$15 / per night each person share room (minimize  2people to 15 people) for wooden Khmer style house,  single mattress room with fan, toilet inside, mosquito net, included three meals each day ( Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner).
  • US$18 / per night  each person for wooden Khmer style house private room,  big bed with fan, private bathroom, included three meals each day ( Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner).
  • US$20 / per night each person share room (minimize 02people to 04 people) for  Khmer style house private bathroom, three or four single bed with air-condion, included (Breakfast, Lunch , Dinner).
  • US$25 / per night each person for Khmer style house private room, two or three big bed with air-condition private bathroom included three meals each day ( Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner).


  • All the meals we showed above are included ( Tea, Cofe and season fruits).
  • If someone want to order just Luch or Dinner will charge US$ 4.5  per person.
  • For someone who bring the group to stay and do the activities in the community or someone who stay from 5 nights up will be appropriately discount.
  • All rooms are nice tropic trees surrounded with greenery plants and rice paddy setting and bird conservation area.
  • We cook at our out door kitchen, so you can see or learn some Khmer cooking lesson with us.
  • Electricity 24 hours
  • Internet access available for checking and sending mails
  • Free bicycle and can ride around villages.

All the guests who stay and want to do the activity we will organize and assist with.
Food Services
Eco Homestay served :

  • Khmer food
  • Asian food

So you can order any food you like. For inquiry contact at


Village tours (1 day tours)

We offer you an unique possibility to enjoy the local Khmer people, take a look in their house, walk in their village, joining with rural children at their school, go with the ox cart through an oldest village, or ride bicycle, training how to weaving the mat, and other baskets, eating in a traditional Khmer food. Let the children at Akids school practice their English.

Steep1: Early in the morning the Rainbow staff will pick up from the Hotel or Guesthouse by car or Tuk Tuk direct to village about 30km from Siem Reap.
Step 2: There will be the cycling to the village along the paddy countryside roads about 3km ( arrange up on request).

Steep3: The ox cart is waiting to bring you around the village (arrange up on request). You will see how the local people live, eat and work. The Rainbow children or local guide will explain how close the Khmer people are working together, what kind of seasonal works. We are going also inside a traditional Khmer house, village health center, village school and village temple it's very interesting to see how they live.


  • To enjoy with the children at Akids school and teach them some education games or sport if you like.
  • To show how to make their baskets, weaving mat… you can train these skills with them (If you don't like no problem).
  • To see what we are doing for rural children and their villagers.
  • To visit the Eco Farm is running by Rainbow children.
  • To do sugar palm, harvesting, rice growing, what kind of important job in their village there are etc.

(The tours is arrange flexible on the season and the villager working).

Steep 4: Have lunch at Rainbow (The food and drinks we are serving is Khmer food)
Steep 5: In the afternoon take the photo together and back to Siem Reap

The dance and music performances on Saturday and Sunday evening , and other training in Akids school and Rainbow Orphanage are FREE of charge. But donations directly to the Rainbow Orphanage are much appreciated.

Optional Entertainments:

  • Ox cart ride : $ 5 per person ( maximum 2 person per cart)
  • Bicycle ride: $ 1 per bike
  • Lunch cost: $ 4.50 per person

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