To ensure that less fortunate children in the rural community are cared for and given educational opportunities
which will enable them to break out of the cycle of poverty.

Community Activities

The community activity is a project that has been managed under the foundation of WFC since 2010. This program reaches out to help some of the poorest communities in the area through building projects from toilet facilities and wells for sanitation purposes to houses and school fence. 

This Project encourages groups of volunteers (such as school or university groups) to firstly fundraise for the building of the project it would like to undertake and secondly come and help community with the building of the project. This is a brilliant way to immerse yourself with the locals and get your hands dirty helping one brick at a time! We have plenty of projects to choose from, so you can pick one to suit your preference and budget!

Some examples of previous Community Development Projects are as follows:

School Environment:
We have worked closely with the local schools in the villages building the school, the playground, the fence, toilets, and finally the painting of the school to add some color!




  School stationeries sponsorship:
WFC provides school stationeries (school uniforms, school bags, notebooks, paper, pens and pencils) to children who need them. The distribution of the stationeries is done twice a year, usually at the beginning of the school yearin September and in July at the school long holiday for the smart children who got the good score for their final yearly exam in the class. 


   Girl's scholarship and transportation (bicycles).

This is a project that encourages students from very rural areas to continue their schooling rather than leaving before completing high school. This is a scholarship program for girls to give them a chance to continue on their studies, without which it would not be possible.

A part from 3 years scholarship in high school, we need to help in order to sponsor the rural girls three years at high school at a cost of around USD 750 each which includes a bike, school fee, food, and a rental house (share). 




 Improving the villages infrastructure:
This is a project aimed to help the entire community, and we try to do it every year. This project strives to improve the infrastructure, making the environment a safe place to live. In the past, we have built bridges, fixed deteriorating roads, built a drainage system, and numerous wells for the community. 



Passion Home building: 

Passion Home buildings are built for poor families whose current living conditions are inadequate. With your support, it takes only 5 days to create a real difference in the life of a family, setting them on a course towards a hopeful future. Donors are welcomed and encouraged to come to Cambodia to get involved in the process of building the house they donate and meet the families whose lives they are changing for the better.


Are there any other costs involved?

After the construction is completed, volunteers normally buy some rice, pillows, blankets, and mosquito nets to be given to the family.

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