To ensure that less fortunate children in the rural community are cared for and given educational opportunities
which will enable them to break out of the cycle of poverty.

Community Activity need 2016-2017

We created the Community Development Program at the area is striking because of its extreme poverty. 75% of the population are classed as living in dire poverty. 85% are subsistence farmers trying to survive on roughly 75c per day.

These projects we hope to start from now.

This is a project that encourages students from very rural areas to continue their schooling rather than leaving before completing high school. This is a scholarship program for girls to give them a chance to continue on their studies, without which it would not be possible.
A part from 3 years scholarship in high school, we need to help in order to sponsor the rural girls three years at high school at a cost of around USD 750 each which includes a bike, school fee, food, and a rental house (share). 

1)-The bicycle for poor's children to attend school:

Project history: Because their villages are 5-10km away which make the school not within walking distance. The Rainbow Orphanage always repairs the bikes  to support school attendance with the villages, especially during the re-opening of school in November. Due to some villages being more that 24km away from a high school , some children will not gain education higher than the 9th grade at secondary school located at their villages.

These problems occur when parents are unable to support their transportation, any education supplies needed, and accommodation when they move to high school at the town about 15km from their villages. We are seeking the donors who can support the bicycles to our project 2016-2017

Scope of need:

  • To purchase 26 of bicycles from the town to donate poorest village's children.

Cost & schedule:

  • The 26 of bicycles cost is estimated at US$ 1,170
  • Project duration is estimated at 3 days, this project can begin all the time. the best time is school re-opening in Sep.                                                                                                                     Note: For year 2015 we got the bikes donated from Frans Limas  and Hua Ho Department Store in collaboration with Eng Lee Peng (Brunei)                                                                 ====================================================                                                   

2) To build the reading place for village  school .

Project history: Most of school in the countryside have many children attending with their library being small and limited , and did not have library yet. Some school have requested the children read under tree but this can only be done in dry season. 

To respond with an increase of students that would like to read, recently the school director had requested to us to seek the donors to help build the reading places at their school.

Location: At Reul commune, Puok district , about 35km form Siem Reap town.
Scope of work:

  • Purchase the building materials wood, grass roofing, cements, stones, bricks.
  • Purchase 4 sets of cement chair.

Cost & schedule:

  • The project cost is estimated at US$ 1500 for each building 
  • Project duration is estimated at 15 days, this project can begin all the season. ===============================================================

3)- To build the fence and flag place for Tror Peang Resei primary school.

Project history: Tror Peang Resei primary school was built in 2010 by students from Japan. There are 300 of village children are studying at this school from 1st to -3rd grade, age 6 to 10 years old. This school donor donated funds towards building and gate only. The school have been left responsible on the playground, flag place, and fence. Therefore we are seeking the donation to build the fence and the a place flag. After this project have completed we will replant the tree for shade and gardening.

Beneficiaries: About 300 to 350 of village children age between 6 to 10 years old in 1st - 3rd grade each year will receive the benefits from this project.

Location: Tror Peang Resei village, Reul commune, Puok district , about 29km form Siem Reap town.

Scope of work:

  • To purchase the wood posts, bamboo, hoes, cements, sand, stones, irons, and flag post, gate wings.

Cost & schedule:

  • The project cost is estimated at US$ 2,300
  • Project duration is estimated at 7 days, this project can begin all the season.


4) - Passion Home building :

Project history: Passion Home building always build by Rainbow staffs and adult children for very poor families. The homes are built for the owner, WFC provides the physical structure, but we rely on the family and the donor to create peace, happiness and hope for the poor family and their children.
Scope of work:
The current assessment of the project includes:

  • The woods, zincs, pump leaves, nails, wood boards , bamboo etc .

Cost & schedule:

  • Project cost is estimated at US$1,800 to US$2,500
  • Project duration is estimated at 10 days.


 5) Project: Donate Much Needed School Supplies

Our school is one of our most successful projects. It offers some of the poorest children in the area the chance to obtain an education in Khmer, English, and computer skill for free. This not only benefits the children themselves, but it also opens a window to alleviate poverty among their families and wider communities through gaining an education. We are very grateful to all of our donors who have helped these disadvantaged children so far; however, we still have a few things on our wish list.

In order to offer these children the better education possibilities, we would love to be able to invest in a photo copying and printing machine and a projector. This equipment would greatly enhance the lessons and would open up many opportunities for the school.

If you are in a position to contribute to this project, our children would be very happy.


6)--Project: Improve the Library facilities in Local Community Schools

The library in the local village school offers the poor children of the community a valuable chance to read and learn from books. The vast majority of these children does not own anyt books of their own, so this is a fantastic asset to the community.

The children now have to sit on a vey hard concrete floor while studying, so we would love to be able to lay a new floor that is more suitable for young children. We would also love to improve the general facilities of the library by adding tables, shelving, and new books to provide a better education resource. The children of the community love having the opportunity to read and would really appriciate if you could help enhance their learning!


7)-Project: Build a Fence around the Local Villagte School

The government school is in a very rural location, surrounding by farmland. We would love to be able to build a fence surrounding the school in order to protect the children from the animals from the village that currently wander onto the school grounds. This fence would help us to create a secure and safe environment for the children to learn in and would be very much appriciated by the school staff, the children, and the wider village community.

8)-Project: Create a Safe Playground for the Village School

This is another project that would benefit one of the local schools. We have already had a donation enabling us to create a space suitable for the children by filling a water logged area with soil. We are now looking to build a playground for the children to play in on the school grounds, keeping learning fun!

We would love to be able to add some typical games such as hopscotch, a slide, and a climbing frame. The children of the community currently have no such facilities in the surrounding area, so it would very much appriciated if you could help us build an area of fun and games for a very poor community.


9)-Project: Educate the Local Villagers about the Enviornmental Care

Unfortunately in Cambodia, there is little emphasis put on the importance of saving the environment, and some of the poorest villagers resemble a rubbish site with plastic and litter covering the ground.

It is very important that we educate these villagers about the importance of keepoing a clean and sanitary environment to live in and we put a special empahsis on recyling and proper waste management. This project also educate the people about the nessasity of sanitary water management, which helps to protect from water born disease and illness.

The money from this project goes directly to setting up workshops in environment care to some of the poorest villagers-both young and old-and dramatically improves their quality of life.


10)-Project: Donate and Build a Toilet Facility for a Disadvantaged Family

There are many families in the surrounding area who cannot afford toilet facilities. Without an adequate water system, particularly during monsoon season, water supplies mix often resulting in disease and illness.

This can easily be avoided if we build a seperate toilet facility for the families, enabling them to keep sanitary water supply.

This project has already helped a number of the poor, disadvantaged families in the local communities, and we hope to continue to help with your support. This is an opportunity to directly help one of the poorest families in the area, and we would welcome you to Cambodia and help build the facility. This is an opportunity to meet the family and see the incrediable difference you are making to their lives!


11)-Project: Build a Toilet and Water Tank for a Local Village

One of the poorest rural villages situated in a very remote area in Siem Reap province has a dream of building a communal toilet facility and water tank for the vilagers.

We hope to help them achieve this goal. We would love to be able to build a clean, hygienic toilet facility along with a water tank, which will supply sanitary water for washing and cleaning.

With your support, we can achieve this goal of helping entire village on its road to a healthy, happy liffestyle and any contribution will be greatly appreciated. If you can, we would also love for you to come to get your hands dirty while helping on this community project. This would give you an opportunity to see first-hand the valuabe difference you are making to these people's lives.