To ensure that less fortunate children in the rural community are cared for and given educational opportunities
which will enable them to break out of the cycle of poverty.

Eco Farm Projects

These projects we are working and needed to complete in 2015, it not only to make the Rainbow Orphanage self sufficient, but also provide a training ground for the children - and a role model for local villagers - in animal husbandry, crop development and food productions. These are essential 'life skills' in a rural community.

Our wish list :

1. To dig a great fish pond at Eco Farm (30m x 20m x 3m ) 

Project history: Current the rice field is low-lying and always flooded during the rainy seas. We need to build up the level of the land to avoid this, but bringing soil from outside is very expensive. The alternative is to increase the number of fish ponds and enough water to support in the dry season and use the soil that is removed to raise the level of the rice field – hence to prevent large areas of flooding during the rainy season, as has happened in previous years. This fish pond project located in Eco farm. This large project has the capacity to hold 42000 fish and produce a yield up to 8,000kg each year, and the soil move from this pond will augment the vegetable space about (20m x 30m) for planting around year.

Scope of work:

  • This pond can process by excavator only, and move the pond's soils to the need place by the trucks .
  • To make the road around this pond (4m x 3m) and re-plant the coconut and mango trees surround it.
  • To make the sign board how to feed the fishes to show villagers and visitors (English & Khmer language )

Cost & schedule:

Project cost is estimated at US$ 3600.
Project duration is estimated at 15 days, preferably with work to begin in dry season from March to June.

2. The dragon fruits garden project

Project history: We always buy the fruits from the market, except banana and now about 200 of banana tree is already grew at Eco Farm. Last year we have visited a dragon fruits farm on the road from Siem Reap to Bantey Srei temple we saw these fruits are good growing with compost and sand-soil like our location at Rainbow, after that this plan is kept in my min, and now we are planning to feed many pigs at Rainbow and the pig dung beside use for Bio-gas facility it is good compost for the dragon fruits , and then we hope the dragon fruits can support to our orphanage fruits need.

Scope of work:

  • To prepare the land and additional soil to higher from water level in rainy season.
  • The wooden poles, pipes for running water & the dragon seeding.

Cost & schedule:

Project cost is estimated at US$ 1750
Project duration is estimated at 8 days, preferably with work to begin from December to July.

3.Project: Help Protect our Fish Farm by Building a Fence

One of the most important projects that we have is the running of our fish farm. This is a project that has helped us realize our dream of becoming self-sufficient. It is also a very important factor of the chidlren's diet, giving them a much needed source of protein.

The monsoon season in Cambodia can sometimes result is extreme flooding. This means that the fish we work so hard to protect, can escape and other species spreading germs and disease can enter our farm.

Our dream is to build a concrete protective fence around our ponds in order to protect our fish, one of the most important aspects of our Eco Farm.

This project will need funding, but we would also encourage donors to come and get their hands dirty while helping us to achieve this goal.

Cost & schedule:

Project cost estimated at US$ 20 per-maters                                                                                               Project duration 30 maters a week, good work from December to June.

4.Project: Improve the Water System

With the Cambodian weather system divided into wet and dry season, it is important that we manage our water supply with great care. We are currently looking to improve our overall water system around the farm and orphanage.

This is a very exciting project as it will not only help us on the road to become self-sustainable, but it will help to educate the children who are looking to study agriculture. Also, it will offer an opportunity to teach them about the care needed to plant successful fruit and vegetables.

Not only will it benefit the growing of vegetation, but it will also be a great asset to the pig farm, fish farm, and the general upkeep of the farm as a whole.

We encourage donors to come to the farm and help our team put this dream into action!

Cost & schedule:

Project cost estimated at US$ 850                                                                                                       Project duration 5 days , all seasons.