To ensure that less fortunate children in the rural community are cared for and given educational opportunities
which will enable them to break out of the cycle of poverty.

Akids School 2015-2016

The purpose of Akids School is to give rural children a chance to find employment, Akids School was established to teach languages, Mathematic, Khmer, Physics, Chemistry, Sewing and computer to children who cannot afford paid tuition.


We provided above objects because the state system doesn't teach languages such as English, sewing and computer and about 200 children willingly attend Adiks school. We believe in helping the poor and less fortunate kids through education and training skills at Akids school will change and improve their life for better in the futures.

To run this  school we need :-

  • US$ 120  each month to pay for Mathematic 
  • US$ 260 each month to pay on English teachers.
  • US$ 130 each month to pay on a computer teacher.
  • US$ 100  each monthe to pay on electricity for the school.

If can not support what we needed above  you can assist these children by helping  education supplies: dictionaries, school bags, school uniforms, shoes, and stationery etc to ensure that they have the right GEAR for the education. We also believe in "Every Drop Makes an Ocean", "Every Help Makes a Great Difference" and "A Little Help means A LOT!" towards helping and granting these less fortunate children a better education and future.


1-The  copy machine  
We always to copies the school lesions and any document for Akids school and WFC office at Puok market around trip 24 km from the Akids school. if copy machine available at the Akids school it will save times, transportation and safety.



2- School Projector

Recently we set-up the meeting schedule with the village children and Rainbow children twice time a month. If is to promote and guidance about the studying, health,child-protection , and develoment concerning. There are about 100 to 150 of village children to join this event each time. Some time we need to explain by pictures or show VIDEO clip, specially at the computer class.


 Real Help Real Hope