To ensure that less fortunate children in the rural community are cared for and given educational opportunities
which will enable them to break out of the cycle of poverty.

New Projects 2016-2017

1)-Project:  Rainbow First Aid & Health Clinic

Project Goal: Build a 5 meter by 7 meter First Aid & Health Clinic on the Rainbow Orphanage property

Why This Project is Helpful to Rainbow:
 Provides a place for Rainbow children to go when they are sick, so that they can receive care.

- Currently, children stay in their shared rooms

- Boys and girls are not permitted to visit the opposite sexes dorm rooms

Having a clinic will allow all children to visit and care for each other when ill

     Protects the health of the other children in the share room by providing a separate space for the ill child to rest and recover

 ·         o Provides basic First Aid to local village children who come to the Rainbow School to study English, should they get injured

Cost of Project:


2)-Project: Planting fruit trees

Project Goal:  Plant 200 fruit trees
Why This Project Is Helpful to Rainbow:
Lemon trees are low maintenance. After the tree is initially planted, it requires little attention and care (basic watering), yet yields a large quantity of fruit.
+ Each lemon tree produces 100 kg of lemons annually-
             -Each kilogram can be sold to the local market for $1-2 USD.
                       -Potential profit: $100 - $200 per lemon tree per year

+ A portion of the lemons will also be kept to be used in cooking and feeding the Rainbow Children

Cost of Project: Cost per tree: $20 USD. Includes:

   -Purchasing lemon seeds

   -Cement planting ring

+ Protects the tree from floods during the rainy season

+  Connecting each tree to the water system:

+ Provides water to each tree during dry season

+Helps conserve water by containing the water near the tree (due to the cement ring)

TOTAL Cost of Project: $4,000 
Projected Ongoing Annual Profit from Project: $30,000 

3)-Project:  Frog Farm

Project Goal: Build a 20 meter by 15 meter Frog Farm with protective wall to house 1,500 frogs
Why This Project is Helpful to Rainbow:

·         Frogs are a food source for Cambodian people.  However, it has become increasingly difficult to find frogs:

o   Frogs hibernate December to July during the dry season.

o   During rainy season the frogs come out 

·         There is a food problem/shortage during dry season (April to June) when the pond dries up and animals cannot survive:

o   The Rainbow children will collect the frogs from the rice field during rainy season and place them into the Frog Farm to keep them safe and fed all year long:

+ Natural feeding method using UV lamps to attract insects 

·         The Frog Farm will hold up to 1,500 frogs, which will provide approximately 150 days of meals (1 frog-based meal per day)

Cost of Project:

 3)-Project: Plastic Burning station

Goal of Project:

·         To build a brick structure (3 meters  x 3 meters  x 5 meters) where the school’s plastic trash will be burned, keeping the schools property clean and liter free

Why This Project is Important:

·         Currently, children dispose of their plastic trash next to the school building. This creates a mound of litter, which pollutes the area’s land and waterways.

-   400 students attend the school daily

-   Each student produces approximately  1 piece of plastic trash per day

 ·         The Plastic Burning Station will solve the school’s plastic trash problem by containing it in a determined area and disposing of it regularly. 


Cost of Project:


4)-Project: Transportation for University Students

 We are very pleased that 12 of our oldest children have been passed high school, and will be attending university this year. This is an excellent achievement for the students who have worked very hard in order to achieve their goal to continue their studies.

The university is located in Siem Reap town, which means that these students will have a daily commute of 60km. This is simply too far to travel without a sufficient means of transportation. It is not near the location of high school, so a shared means of transportation is unfortunately not possible.

The most economical solution is to invest in 4 motorbikes which will not only serve the students this year, but also the younger high school students to continue their studies once they finish second level education.

We hope that you can help these students realize their dream of attending third level education.