To ensure that less fortunate children in the rural community are cared for and given educational opportunities
which will enable them to break out of the cycle of poverty.

Orphanage Staff

We are in the process of developing our management and operational systems at Working For Children in order to be more effective, more transparent and more accountable.We do so in order that we can be better understood in what we are trying to achieve and that other organisations, - partnership schools, institutes, NGOs and Charitable Organisations are in a better position to support our programs.

As yet, Working for Children doesn't have enough Human Resources and we are still moving towards recruiting more volunteers, and providing training of people who wish to join us in achieving our goals. We seek to develop an Advisory team who can assist us in reaching out to donors who can provide ongoing financial assistance for the projects we are developing as we move in the direction of becoming self-sustaining.

It is difficult to recruit people with high levels of education. For a start there are very few of these in Cambodia – less in the rural areas- and those who have gained these qualifications are naturally keen to move into the cities and gain access to appropriate salary levels which reward their years of study.

For WFC, our approach has been to work directly with the people in the surrounding villages, support their education through primary and secondary education, and provide an appropriate level of vocational education, especially to poor families, so that they in return contribute something back to their own communities. If we can raise the aspirations and the educational levels of local people – these are the resources we can draw upon to achieve our own goals.

Mr. Pean
Position: Executive Director

Mr. Pean, who comes from a poor family in a rural area, graduated his high school since 1996,and attended a training course in Siem Reap Provincial Pedagogy. After finishing his training course in 1998, he became a governmental teacher. Because the teacher's salary is not enough, he decided to find other part-time jobs by entering Thai speaking tour guide in Siem Reap Province, where he worked only on weekend, but on weekdays he taught at his school. These incomes weren't enough for his family's needs because he had to support either his sisters and brothers who were studying at schools and his own family.

 In 2003, he started to work more part-time at the night-time in a hotel in Siem Reap Town. By supporting over administration and some tour-services at that time, he was accepted to work with a tour company, and he was sent to train his tour management skill in Thailand. After he came back from Thailand, he was promoted to be a Manager in this company. Now Pean can speak Thai, and English for his communication regarding the WFC's projects.


His experiences from his jobs above are the factors to drive this charity project to be appeared, in named "Working for Children". Despite his position in the travel company is good enough for him, but he still takes care much of his community and village children, and he took his own experiences to change, show, and attract all the villagers in his villages in other to persuade them to be interested in education and drive the population in his village to send their children to school. Pean thought that this is the only one way to break out the cycle of poverty in his community, so he proved them by explaining and showing the villagers what he achieved as the examples.

In addition, Pean has created up many projects to find and collect the donation from charity people outside to contribute the communities around there, and he started to develop his village with farming by depending on not only the nature. Recently WFC has set up an Eco-farm and anticipated that this will be an Agricultural Training Centre for his communities in the future.

Nowadays, beside take care  children at Rainbow orphanage , he is a responsiblities over 700 children and 17 teachers at the  local Government primary school.

Mr. Pean hoped after they finish school, some of them can return back to help and work with WFC replace him and continue his goals works for communities. For more detail information contact at:

Why "Working for Children (WFC)" does not accept any high educated-person to work with? We work directly with the villagers by provide free-education for their children from primary school to secondary school and some students we support until finished high school at the town. Beside that we provide the vocational training skills to their parents and the poor families in our targets, so we want these resources to return back to work and develop their own communities in the future. Actually, most of who ready high educated-people would like work and live in the town, they really need a high paying –job so they probably cannot work with us for long. If there are at least 02 % of them backed to work with the villagers , although if we teach our villagers directly, they will probably work with us forever. WFC is working to build the human resources from villagers to work for their villages. Here are what we are works.