To ensure that less fortunate children in the rural community are cared for and given educational opportunities
which will enable them to break out of the cycle of poverty.

Sponsor a child

Donations for a better future
While donations allow the Rainbow 's child to run and to provide a roof over the children, it is simply not enough to provide every child in the Rainbow Orphanage a proper education.

As donation amounts fluctuates from year to year, we can only select a limited number of top students per year to continue their studies to the next level.

For your valuable donation can ensure that a child will be cared for and will not miss the chance to study. The donation you provide will also cover a year of a child's expenses in the Rainbow Orphanage or village children. This amount covers:

  • The primary school: From grade 1st to grade 6th , needed to spend US$57 each year per child .
  • The secondary school: From grade 7st to grade 9th , needed to spend US$234 each year per child .
  • The high school: From grade 10st to grade 12th , needed to spend US$417 each year per child .

This amount is inclusive of basic school fees for the whole year, all necessary textbooks, stationery, examination fees and school uniform 3 sets, and shoes, extra class for Mathematics, Khmer, science, chemistry, biology and a bicycle for who is moving to secondary school & High school.

By sponsoring a child, you are fulfilling a child's wish to improve the local communities to achieve self-sustainability. 




Now we have opened a special Educational Scholarship Account for the benefit of donors who wish to direct money to meet the educational needs of the older children. If you are interested in contributing in this specific way direct to children personal account , please don't hesitate to contact our email address at: 

For more details on sponsoring a child, please contact us:
Mr Pol Pean
Address: Phum Ka Ektom, Khum Reul, Srok Puok,Siem Reap,Cambodia
H/P: (855) 12 963 870, 012 570 223 ( Khmer & English speaking staffs)


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