To ensure that less fortunate children in the rural community are cared for and given educational opportunities
which will enable them to break out of the cycle of poverty.


Working for Children is staffed by Cambodians for the benefit of orphaned,  abandoned children and rural communities in Siem Reap Province. WFC provides a caring and secure environment in which the children can be protected, nurtured and guided to fulfilling their potential.

A)-General working conditions:

Volunteer hours are flexible and depend on the kind of work you wish to do around the Rainbow but USUALLY involve a Monday to Friday a  week, with a morning and afternoon working session depending on the seasonal weather. For volunteers involved in teaching then usual school shifts of 7.00am - 11.00am and 1.00pm - 5.00pm. Apply Volunteers may choose to spend as little as 3 days or as much as 3 months. 

 You working at Rainbow is difficult and challengingand we hope you will be expected to contribute (two sessions per day) to the current projects which are being developed and this involves physical hard work and getting your hands dirty. This is in addition to your  assistance in teaching English and interacting with the children.

 We  are providing food, accommodation and a chance to do something really worthwhile with their lives and make a difference to the lives of the children. This is the ONLY reason for going there.
It is NOTto have a holiday with servants, to sit around reading and eating the food. - and in any case, the young ones you have at Rainbow  are NOT little children - most of them will be moving on to Secondary School in September. The volunteers are there to help with the needs of the Orphanage and the children. NOT to come there, get a certificate and go home to show what wonderful people they are to their friends,

B)- Available to: single spot volunteers, couples volunteering together, group volunteers, family volunteers, school & youth group volunteers, student volunteers, corporate volunteers, long term skilled volunteers.

C)- Accommodation & Food : We offer food three meals per day (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)  same the children in our care. No deposit require. What we need? Need you to make apply NOW !  and then re-confirm your applied and give us your arrival detial 10 days before arrival. If no re-confirmation...... your application and placement will be cancel by our team (No automatic).

D)- Where to pick up to get out to Rainbow:  If you arrival at the Bus stations many motors and Tuk Tuk transport services will ask you and bring  you where you want to go. If you arrival at Siem Reap airport there are cars and motors waiting to services you to every where. They can bring you to our office at  Reul commune, Puok district. To make sure copy and show the map to them.

Contact direct  Mr. Pean on 012 963 870 when you arrival in Cambodia, if you are not confident. We happy to arrange pick-up / transfer to our project  if you request.

E)-Teaching Volunteer
Most of our volunteers come to help with the teaching of English in the Akids school and in the local village schools. There are opportunities to stay in the Volunteers' House at Rainbow or alternatively experience daily life in Cambodia by staying at our carefully selected family Home stays. The children will have the opportunity to have English language experiences with a native speaker and this will open up many opportunities for them, as Conversational English skills are very much in demand, especially in the tourism and hospitality industries in Siem Reap-Angkor Wat . Note : Teaching at viilage school  is not available between August to November, this period is school holiday in Cambodia.

1)-Teaching at the Akids school (former of Rainbow Orphanage's school):
The Rainbow children and village children about 200 children each day  come for the free English classes, computer class and Mathematics class at Akids school from Monday to Friday. The classes are graded, depending on their English level, with an average class size of 10 to 25 children. Volunteers follow the teaching schedule supervised by our resident English teacher who will sit down with you and provide some guidance before you enter the class by yourself in the next day.

2)-Teaching at village schools:
( Note: the school in Cambodia is holiday from June until September). Currently we are cooperating with Government schools in the vicinity of Rainbow orphanage, and there are approximately 3000 village children enrolled.

WFC is helping to provide Basic English to young children at primary schools from grade 1 to 6h (age 6 to 15 years ). These children are currently studying with local Smart Student Volunteers from secondary and high school or some of our older children from Rainbow who have reached a reasonable level of competence. These volunteer youth can work as assistants when Overseas Volunteers come and work in our communities. You can access these schools by walking or by bike. Desks, chairs and some basic teaching materials are provided - but more contributions would, of course, be greatly appreciated.

3)- Computer/ Advertising/ IT Volunteers:
Recently our project is offer computer class free to the village children  from Monday to Friday .

We are a registered Charity and hence our staff are largely volunteers. We are looking to supplement our skills with volunteers who bring a measure of skills and enthusiasm - to provide help in basic computing training for staff and children (individually or in groups of 2 or 3,) and have ideas for web-site development and advertising and marketing of the charity to attract donors . These are skills we don't have - hence your input would be really appreciated.

4)-Building & Development Volunteers:
Working for Children is developing the trust of the local community and is being looked on as a place that provides a focus for the development of new skills.

This is one of the reasons why the development of the Eco Farm for economically sustainable agriculture and animal husbandry, fishes frogs eels breeding and feeding can provide a model for changes in the wider community. We hope to build up Eco Farm as a vocational training centre.

Hence we have an ongoing, (though modest) building program to meet these needs and we need your help. Anyone with trades and building skills is very welcome as a volunteer and those who are unskilled, but keen, can work under the direction of or two experienced men who have done much of the work to this point in time. Come along if you are keen, bring friends and come as a team. You can make a real difference.

 4)- Eco Farm Volunteers:
We have limited land and the crops are very seasonal - needing water supplies in the dry season and cropping with flooding during the rainy season.

In an attempt to solve these problems we are working towards developing a master plan for an Eco-Farm where we can grow vegetables and fruit and breed fish and pigs and work towards self sufficiency

F)- What is WFC offer for volunteer ?
We will provide to our volunteer like:

G)- Basic accommodation: We always organize basic accommodation at Rainbow Orphanage for our volunteer during they work with us.

 H)- Three meals a day : same as we offer the children in our care (Breakfast 07:30am, Lunch 12:00am & Dinner 06:30pm).

 I)- Certificate of Appreciation/Completion: We will provide a certification of appreciation upon completion of your volunteer with our projects from 7 days up. This is an accomplishment and the certificate is an important addition to your professional resume/CV.

 J)- How to apply ?

Please Download Application Form read and agree to the conditions of volunteering with our projects. Submit the documents required for us to conduct the local authority and police check, including a scanned copy of your passport, and e-mail it to

You will receive a response within 24 hours detailing whether the dates you requested are available and whether we will proceed with your application.

We do our best your volunteer more easy….. enjoy with our local people.

 An opportunity for you to make a real difference